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Northern Green Products Co., Ltd.

It is a factory that produces, bakes and sells vegetable products. Dried Herbs Founded in 2012, the factory is located in Chiang Mai. Which is a source with the topography and climate suitable for growing vegetables. This will allow us to obtain good quality raw materials. and safe to be processed into dry goods We have expertise in sourcing raw materials and have a modern production process by means of vacuum baking, which will retain the color, smell and taste completely. The product consists of basil, basil, kaffir lime leaves, Tom Yum seasoning set, and Thai condiment set which is suitable for Food factory to produce ready-to-cook food Herbal tea factories or Thai restaurants abroad and can also be used as souvenirs for relatives or acquaintances abroad as well, we accept all orders with speed and convenience, delivered to you within 3-7 days

Northern Green Product.co.,Ltd



Nature Of Northern

Selecting raw materials from natural sources Northern region of Thailand



Green Food

Food is safe from chemicals, good for health, save the world environment.



Control For Consumer

Produced according to international food standards, GMP. Both quality, cleanliness, safety and nutritional value.

accepted standards

“Plant with love and care, keep with heart
through the production process with clean and safe technology
for the convenience of consumers”


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